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Status For Whatsapp
Status For Whatsapp

As all we know that Whatsapp is becoming more popular now a days. Most of the people are daily searching for Whatsapp statuses in the web. Here we have collected the Latest Status for Whatsapp for you. You now change your current Whatsapp Status with this new Latest Status for Whatsapp.
We have collected this Whatsapp status from various sources. Pick the best one which suits for you and change your Whatsapp Status with this new one.

Status For Whatsapp

My attitude is a result of your actions!
So if you don’t like my attitude blame yourself

A Person who falls and gets backup is
much stronger than a person who never fell

You are the reason why I wake up
every morning just kidding I have work.

When you don’t work you don’t have
money to live, but when you work-there’s no time to live.

After using Facebook, Whatsapp,
We Chat, Viber etc., I have finally
relaised that DAARU is still the
best way 2 connect with Friends.

When you run alone its called Race
when god runs with you its called grace

This isn’t a status.. This is just
to show that no status matches
my feelings right now.

The more you plan, the less you
have time to enjoy the life itself.

Latest Status For Whatsapp

Your presents in the creature of your future

Destroy what Destroys you

You are the fist and last thing on
my mind each and every day

Love is when you again and again
go to whatsapp to see “Last Seen”

If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

Creative Thinking may mean simply
the realisation that there’s no
particular virtue in doing things
the way they have always been done

Don’t judge my past, look at my
present I am sure my future is really rocking!

Happiness is Last seen to
online and then to typing

Respect is for those who deserve
it not for those who demand it.

Sometimes people a high five on
the face with a chair

Procrastination is the art of
keeping up with yesterday

Your patience when you have nothing
and your attitude when you have everything

I choose to make the rest of
my life the best of my life.

You update a status just for
one particular person and that
person coincidentally is the
first one to like that status

Work hard in silence. Let your
success be your noise

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