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Love Status for Whatsapp
Love Status for Whatsapp

Love Status for Whatsapp: Are you in love with anyone. Need to show your love to anyone. Don’t worry here is a small tip for you. Change your Whatsapp application status with Best Love Status for Whatsapp. So, that you can express your love to your loved once. Here we have collected beautiful Whatsapp status love for you. Pick the best status whatsapp love and change your whatsapp status to love whatsapp status.

Love Status for Whatsapp

My love is not completed without
you, help me to make my love complete

I said my heart beats for your love

Love is just a word until someone
special gives it a meaning

You’re unlike all the other
people I ever met

We are together I am Happy we
should always stay together

I love you from my heart.. I am
your’s for my whole life.. I love you

You are the light of my life..

There’s only 1 Thing 2 do 3 words 4 you
ie., “I Love you”

Love Status for Whatsapp
Love Status for Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Status Love Messages

Without you, I’m nothing with you,
I’m some thing together,
we’re every thing

You don’t have the key to my heart
because you are the key to my heart
.. I love you

You have no idea how fast my heart
beats when I see you

Love is a strong word so if you don’t
mean it then don’t say it…

Be the type of person you always
want to love

The best feeling is when you look
at him and he is already staring

Loving you was one of the
best decision of my life

Best Whatsapp Love Status Messages

Some love one, some love two.
I love one ie., you

Your smile is literally the
cutest thing I have ever seen

Our first & last love is self love

I love my life because it gave
me you I love you because you are my life

I will walk with you forever
and I love you

You are the first and last
thing on my mind each and every day

Romantic Whatsapp Status For Love Messages

Before you fall in love with a
girl love her personality first

I want to be in your arms,
where you hold me fight and
never let me go.

Only you can put a smile on
my face when I’m sad

Sometimes its better to put love
into hugs than to put it into words

Even the more silence of love, has
the power to drown out all of life’s chaos

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