{Updated 2016} Latest WhatsApp Status Messages Quotes

Latest whatsapp status
Latest whatsapp status

Almost all are familiar with Whatsapp Messenger. Whatsapp messenger is well know app especially for smartphone users. Here we wrote an article which covers all about Whatsapp ie., Latest Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp Messages, Whatsapp Quotes and many more.

Latest WhatsApp Status Messages Quotes

Sweet as sugar, hard as ice,
hurt me once, I’ll kill you twice

I am not with you but my love
will always be lingering around you

If your dreams don’t scare
you they are not big enough

you call it jealousy
I call it fear of losing you

Life is short time is
fast no reply no rewind.
So enjoy every moment as it comes

I don’t trust words
I trust only actions

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I choose to be happy be happy always

Love is better vision
which is needed to live
life but if not then its fine.

Friends are honest with
each other even if the truth hurts

People cry not because they’re
weak its because they’ve been strong for too long

The richetz you get, the
motze expensive happiness becomes

Love is a strong word so if
you don’t mean it then don’t say it…

Don’t copy my attitude because its my copyright

Fake people have an image to
maintain real people just don’t care

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