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Friendship Status For Whatsapp
Friendship Status For Whatsapp

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Friendship Status For Whatsapp

Friends give us the courage
to lift the blinds on our hearts
to open up and show what we
generally keep hidden from the
rest of the world

If someone ask me who is your
best friend? I will simply say
“Someone who’ll never avoid me
just because of someone else”

True friendship comes when the
silence between two people is

Our friendship makes my world
glow with so much happiness! it
feels so special to have a
friend like you

A Friend is someone who gives
you total freedom to be yourself

Friends are honest with each
other even if the truth hurts

You are really special to me
you are my true friend.
Friendship Whatsapp Status

The best way to keep your
friends is not to give them away.

Love risks degenerating into
obsession, friendship is never
anything but sharing. Friendship
marks a life even more deeply than love.

Whatsapp Friendship status

We are best friends always remember
that if you fall,I will pick you up..
after I finish laughing

True friendship is not being inseparable
its being separated and nothing changes

A day spent with friends is
always a day well spent

Friends are connected heart to heart.
Friendship Whatsapp Status

You friendship is a gift I enjoy
opening every day

Good friends are hard to find, harder
to leave, and impossible to forget

A Heart to resolve, a head to continue,
and a hand to execute

Sometimes being silly with a friend
is the best therapy

Don’t walk in front of me, I may
not follow Don’t walk behind me,
I may not lead walk beside me and be my friend

A Best Friend isn’t someone who’s
just always there for you. Its
someone who understands you a bit
more than you understand yourself.

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Whatsapp Status on Friendship

365 makes a year, 24 hours make a day,
7 days make a week, 4 weeks makes a month,
12 months make a year, But a
friend like you makes a life

A good friend knows all your best
stories A best friend has
lived them with you

Yesterday I was your friend. Today
I’m still your friend Don’t worry about
tomorrow I’ll always be your
friend! That’s a promise

Friends make your laugh a little
louder, your smile a little brighter
and your life a little better

A Good friend is hard to find hard
to loose and impossible to forget

True friends are like diamonds,
precious are rare. False friends are
like leaves found everywhere.
Friendship Whatsapp Status

Walking with a friend in the dark is
better than walking alone in the light

A Friend is someone who can see the
truth and pain in you even when you
are fooling everyone else

A true friend is someone who never
gets tires of listening to your
pointless dramas over and over again

Some people may fool you for a moment..
But be patient and see what happens.
A Person’s true colours will always show in time.

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