Emotional Status For Whatsapp | Emotional Whatsapp Status

Emotional Whatsapp Status
Emotional Whatsapp Status

Emotional Whatsapp Status: Emotional is relating to a person emotions like feelings. Here we have provided you the beautiful collection of Emotional Whatsapp Status. Choose the best Whatsapp Status from the below whatsapp statuses and change your whatsapp status to emotional whatsapp status.

Emotional Whatsapp Status

We might be the master of our
own thoughts, still we are
the slaves of our own emotions

If someone can just walk out
of your life, they never cared.

Compromise says its better to
change a little rather than to
loose someone forever

Nothing hurts more than
realizing he meant everything
to you and you meant nothing to
him. emotional whatsapp status

It is better to have an enemy who
honestly says he hate you than to
have a friend who’s putting you
down secretly

At some point you have to realize
that some people can stay in your
heart but not in your life.

Nothing is more beautiful than the
smile that has struggled that
has struggled through the tears

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Emotional Status For Whatsapp

Remind yourself that it’s
okay not to be perfect

Our emotional selves are
children. And they never grow up.
We just learn how to parent our
emotional selves better

The worst kind of sad is
not being able to explain why

I wish love was like a baby’s
shampoo with the “no more tears”

Love is nothing more than a word
that you used when you stole my heart.

One lives in the hope of becoming
a memory. emotional whatsapp status

The worst feeling in the world is
knowing you did the best you could
and it still wasn’t good enough

People cry not because they’re weak
its because they’ve been strong for too long.

It seems strange, but I don’t
know well that happened.

Sometimes it’s not the song that
makes you emotional, it’s the people
and things that come to your
mind when you hear it.

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