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Cool Whatsapp status
Cool Whatsapp status

Cool Whatsapp Status: When ever you feel hard you will become cool on the moment. In the same way you need to change your status to cool. Here we have provided you the best cool whatsapp status for you. Change your whatsapp status with the below cool status for whatsapp.

Cool Whatsapp Status Updates

A sense of humor makes a man handsome

I don’t have attitude problem.
I have attitude the problem is yours

I’m not single, I’m not taken.
I’m simply on reserve for the
one who deserve my heart.

Be happy in front of people
who don’t like you,

Right now I am releasing the
stress and worry to focus on
what feels good

Sometimes we just have to let
things go. no matter how
important those things are for us.

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Cool Status for Whatsapp

Good words cool more than
cold water, cool whatsapp status

Sorry Guys, It was me I
let the dogs out

Strong people don’t put others down.

They lift them up

You only live once but if
you do it right once is enough

Common sense is like deodorant
the people who need it most never use it

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Whatsapp Cool Status

My every status is a
silent message to someone

Keep calm and just chill

Anyone can be cool,
but awesome takes practice

There is no perfect soul
without a mixture of craziness

My silence is not weakness
but the beginning of my revenge.
cool whatsapp status

Life isn’t about finding
yourself life is about creating yourself

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted

Life is a sunday. There are
bad days ahead and behind.
But it’s all ok if you live for today:):)

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