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Awesome Whatsapp Status
Awesome Whatsapp Status

Awesome Whatsappp Status: Awesome Whatsapp Statuses are presented in many ways. These type of Whatsapp Status can be selected based on your thoughts, status and feelings. As you know there are many categories for whatsapp status. Awesome status will be always perfect for you. Here we have provided you the best collection of Awesome Whatsapp status.

Awesome Whatsapp status

People cry not because they’re weak.
its because they have been strong for too long

Of course I talk to myself.
some times i need expert advice.

I choose to make the rest of
my life the best of my life.

Once you relize your past is
just a story, it has no power over you

A problem is a chance for
you to do your best

We might be the master of our
own thoughts, still we are
the slaves of our own emotions.

If your dreams dont scare
you They aren’t big enough

Work so hard that one day
your signature will be called an autograph

There is no perfect soul
without a mixture of craziness

Life is too short to waste
on hating other people

My Family, Friends,
Relatives are awesome.

Believing in yourself is
the fist secret of success

Life isn’t about finding
yourslef life is about creating yourself.

I need to tell you everyday
how I feel about you because
one day I might not be able to.

Improve your performance
by improving your attitude.

Please be patient even a
toilet can handle only one asshole at a time.

Never trust a man in a
wheelchair with dirty shoes

Nothing in this world compares
to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand.

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